Artistry in Iron Master Builders Championship invites builders from around the world who are shaping the industry and establishing the trend for engineering custom motorcycles to compete against one another for the grand prize. The competition is an invitation-only, peer-judged custom bike display that draws the world’s premier builders to unveil their newest designs. There are no rules or guidelines on the builds, the builders have full reign to express maximum creativity in their build. The bikes are judged solely by the master builders themselves, the first competition of this kind. The winner will be presented with a check for $10,000 from Las Vegas BikeFest as well as a custom designed championship bracelet created by renowned designer and master artisan Steve Soffa. The public is invited to visit the bikes during Rally Central hours and to meet the participating builders during autograph sessions throughout the weekend.

2013 Rick
2012 Yaniv
2011 Chris
2004 Roger
LVBF15 Artistry In Iron (22)
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Artistry in Iron Builders (Alphabetically)

Austin Andrella Nick Beaulieu Paul Binford Johnny Branch
Bill Dodge

Evan Favaro

Adam Gaspic Ryan Gore
Steve Iacona JC & Jimmie Lee Coen Johnny Mac Mike McFadden
Pete Pearson Will Ramsey Daniel Sanchez Aki Sakamoto
Mark Shell Kyle Shorey Christian Sosa Kirk Taylor
Andrew Ursich

Austin Andrella

LVBF16 Austin Andrella Photo
LVBF16 Austin Andrella Logo

I’m from Akron, Ohio where I have lived here for the last 35 years. I have been building custom bikes for the past 13 years and had my company for the past 4 years. I put out about 2 to 3 bikes a year depending on the level of fab work going into it and funding is always a big factor. I have been married over a decade now and have 3 lil ladies ranging from 6 to 12. I work by myself and prefer it that way I may not get as much done in a day but what I do get done I can say I did 100 percent of it. I am self-taught when it comes to motorcycles, fabricating, tig welding and machining I have a lot to learn still but that is what drives me every day. I take a lot of pride in what I do even if the majority of the masses won’t notice, the right people do. I make my own frames, gas tanks, handlebars, exhaust, spacers, tabs etc. etc… I do all this in a 20’x40′ pole building in my back yard after working 8 to 10 hrs at my day job as a Union Sprinklerfitter. I am honored to be selected this year for Artistry In Iron. To think my bikes are considered to be the caliber of bikes that are displayed every year at this event! It is quite humbling and also a great feeling to know that what I do is getting the notice and exposure nationwide and I’m just a one man shop from little old Akron, Ohio.

Nick Beaulieu

LVBF16 Nick Beaulieu Photo

In 2013 Nick Beaulieu broke into the scene with nothing more than a handful of tools, Harley mechanic certificate and a tiny back-alley shop called “Forever Two Wheels” in Windham, Maine. Most would call that a humble beginning yet through blood, grease and vision Nick has managed to take the industry by storm in just short 3 years. CycleSource, Easyriders and other industry leaders have already taken note of this recluse on the rise. Nick has adorned covers and been featured in several industry leading publications and built some of the most head-turning bikes the industry has seen.

Paul Binford

LVBF16 Paul Binford Photo
LVBF 16 Paul Binford Logo

Binford’s has been Rockin’ California’s Central Valley for over 20 years. We’re located in Manteca, CA just 45 minutes from the East Bay. Anything you need for your Harley or custom bike we’ve got ya covered. We specialize in ground up award winning custom builds. From pro street choppers, baggers to one off custom bobbers. From air rides to oil changes, and just about everything in between including big bore kits 95″ to 131. Exhaust systems, Bagger Rake Kits, Award Winning Custom Paint, Hand Made Leather Seats & the Baddest Sound Systems around. Not to mention we stock the largest selection of OEM & AFTERMARKET PARTS including our own Knuckle Gear, Pimp Gear and Kolor Wall line in the Central Valley. We also have a complete line of apparel, riding gear, and helmets. So… if you just wanna shoot the shit and have a couple cold ones we do that too! You can find us at 1297 N Main St -Manteca CA or call us at 209-239-7828.

Johnny Branch

LVBF16 Johnny Branch

My names Johnny branch I’m 32 years old and I have a little shop called Branch Engineering in Southern California, I build a lot of high end off road vehicles and high end exhaust systems, I’m pretty new to the bike world, I’ve only built one other bike so far and was lucky enough to win an invite to this year’s event, me and my wife recently had our first child and everything I do is for them, I’m building a pretty rad bike this year with a couple of wild features including a pretty rare John Harmon motor 120″ shovelhead motor.
Hope you guys enjoy the bike and couldn’t be happier to be a part of this show, truly means a lot to me!

JC & Jimmie Lee Coen

LVBF16 Jimmie and JC photo
LVBF16 Jimmie and JC logo

JC and Jimmie Lee Coen have focused their sights on setting new trends in motorcycle design. The two brothers have been building bikes for more than 31 years. They were the “go-to” guys in their circle when it came to motorcycles. In 2004 they decided to get serious about designing the kind of bikes they wanted to ride…and so was born Three Two Choppers. Quality craftsmanship, ride-ability and reliability is what Three Two is all about. Now is 2016, their focus is on their parts business and still building some of the finest, most unique bikes around.

Bill Dodge

LVBF16 Bill Dodge Photo FIXED
LVBF16 Bill Dodge Logo FIXED

My name is Bill Dodge. I have a shop called Blings Cycles in Daytona Beach, FL. I started Bling Cycles in 2005 after a long period of running somebody else’s shop … I wanted to build things my way. I build handmade motorcycles and also have small parts and apparel line.

Bill D.

Adam Gaspic

LVBF16 Adam Gaspic Pic
LVBF16 Adam Gaspic Logo

Welcome to Gasser Customs! My name is Adam, or “Gasser” as I was nicknamed at an early age. I am a motorcycle enthusiast and custom bike builder. It’s my mission to bring precision and technique to the industry through having over 15 years of experience as a trained and licensed mechanic. I am ASE Master Certified in the United States and hold a Class A mechanic’s license in Canada. As well I have a Masters degree in technology from completing a 4 year long college program and a 9000 hour apprenticeship program as an automotive technician.
I take what I do very seriously. I focus on the workmanship of my product because I know that it is the most important thing for any company who wants to be around for a long time. Building bikes for me is a true passion and feels more like creating a form of art that can be enjoyed both statically and in motion. I have specialized in vintage bikes in the past because to me each of these old beauties has a story to tell and it is my privilege to be the one to wake them up after being asleep for all those years.
As our company moves forward, we are constantly doing research and development on new models and parts so that we are able to satisfy all the wants and needs of our customers as the motorcycle market evolves. So I look forward to moving forward with you on this journey, because we know it’s a big step having a bike built and at the end of the day it’s all about having a fun and enjoyable experience, the way life on two wheels is meant to be!

Ryan Gore

LVBF16 AII Ryan Gore Photo
LVBF16 AII Ryan Gore Logo WHITE BG

Over 15 years in the industry, after working for a few larger shops on both coasts I struck out on my own. My focus now is on handcrafted, custom, one of a kind bikes. Low volume, high quality. Firm believer that “the devil is in the details” but try to walk a fine line between subtle classic design that’s just a tick off from normal rather than gimmicky “theme” oriented design. Form follows function, I build bikes that are meant to be ridden.

Steve Iacona

Steven Iacona - Triumph Crusader
LVBF16 Steven Iacona Logo SMALL

Born & raised in Brooklyn, New York. Steven Iacona’s building career started at a young age with bicycles, then converted to dirt bikes & mopeds, to cars then motorcycles. Today Steve is a full-time father, and champion builder.
Between Steve’s late teen years & early 20’s, he was working on a 68 Camero SS, show car, out of his garage. After establishing the Iacona name in the car-scene and winning multiple awards, Steve found a new passion for motorcycles.
After leaving the racing scene with his Ducati 916 in 2003, Steve decided to get his first Harley Softail to ride around with his wife. His passion for building transferred into custom Harley’s. After gaining attention from local bikers, Steve began building modified Harley’s from his garage.
Our mission is to build the most high quality motorcycles and parts. We strive to achieve our mission by differentiating ourselves with custom builds and parts, which will soon be available for international distribution.
Humble, garage beginnings with dedication and perseverance have evolved Iacona Custom Cycles into an internationally renowned, award winning brand.

Johnny Mac

LVBF16 Johnny Mac Photohigh res
LVBF16 Johnny Mac Logo

I have building bikes professionally since 2007 after being a NHRA drag racer and a bodybuilder. I was taught metal fabrication in high school as well as auto body and mechanics. I do most of my own paint except for air brush work. I do all f the metal work and most mechanics. Our shop is an authorized Indian Larrys merchandise shop for Philadelphia. We build all kinds of bikes such as choppers, bobbers and pro-street. We do a lot of charity bikes to help less fortunate people especially kids.

Mike McFadden

LVBF16 Mike McFadden Photo

I’m Mike McFadden of Owensboro KY and 48yrs old and the owner of M&M Customs. I have more than 30 years’ experience customizing cars and various things in the Automotive field and have been on a motorcycle for 38 years. I grew up racing BMX and racing Motorcross locally and as I grew older the passion for motorcycles just stayed with me. I’m a self-taught fabricator and hard worker taking a “no frills” approach. “What I love best is showing what can be done with normal everyday tools and drive.” out in my shop beside the house I hide nothing and even if it’s a weakness when it comes to my builds I show every step along the way on my social media sites. I want to inspire people to try new things and know that failing is just a part of the process. In the past few years I have been really blessed to have a list of incredible sponsors, awards and media coverage come my way along with an extensive list of customers and fans. I intentionally keep the number of builds I work on each year to a minimum, “I know what it takes to build something unique.” From fabrication to paint, I do all the work in house. “I pride myself on the ability to not only to build a work of art but also build a bike that can be ridden AND admired.”

Pete Pearson

LVBF16 Pete Pearson Photo
LVBF16 Pete Pearson Logo

Pete Pearson is a Motorcycle Builder from Oxford, England with more than 30 years’ experience in his field. He grew up surfing in Cornwall and working in his father’s garage on everything from lawnmowers to race cars. After a design and engineering degree (financed by working as a bike courier) he started a love affair with Harleys which led to Rocket Bobs Cycle Works, a company he and his wife, Lisa, began in 2009. Since then he has won the prestigious Custom bike show in Germany, been placed third in the AMD Championship of Custom Bike Building and seen his parts sold in the Custom Chrome range. Pete is all about engineering with no compromise. Oh, and the odd donut. Both Pete and Lisa are looking forward to returning to Las Vegas as that’s where they were married!
You can find more information about Rocket Bobs Cycle Works at

Will Ramsey

LVBF16 Will Ramsey Photo
LVBF16 Will Ramsey Logo

Owner of Faith Forgotten Choppers, Will Ramsey started the company in 2009 with the intention of bringing high quality fabrication and balanced design aesthetics to his customers. In a quest for truth within an industry riddled with anecdotal production processes, he immersed himself in the scientific studies of Welding, Metallurgy and the history of Industrial Design. Will’s love for “timeless” vintage style choppers is evident in the classic lines of his bikes, but his use of modern components along with his precision fabrication techniques produces dependable choppers that perform above today’s standards. Contrasting polished metals against satin colors, distinguishes the Faith Forgotten Choppers style and maintains emphasis on the craftsmanship and detail of every design. With his focus on quality production, dependable function, and visual balance, every bike Will builds can withstand the test of time.

Daniel Sanchez

LVBF16 Danny Sanchez Photo SMALL
LVBF16 Danny Sanchez Logo

Daniel Sanchez is a Texas born Fabricator with more than 20 years experience in his field. Inspiration for his work comes from a family history of metal workers, including his Great Grandfather who was an Apache Metal Artisan. The style and originality showcased in CTC motorcycles is indicative of his diverse heritage as a Mexican/Native American. More widely known as a motorcycle builder, he does much more than that, offering a wide variety of fabrication services through his two companies including custom parts, auto air suspension, commercial and residential fabrication. Daniel has won many awards for both his motorcycle and auto projects, including First Place Freestyle at the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show and 3rd Place Freestyle at the AMD Invitational Bike Show at the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary event in Milwaukee. Daniel spends his time around communities in ways such as speaking at schools to inspire young men and ladies to learn to work with their hands, keynote speaking at museum exhibits where his bikes are featured and training interns in the art of hand-built motorcycles. You can find out more at and

Aki Sakamoto

LVBF16 Aki Sakamoto Photo
LVBF16 Aki Saka Logo White Back

Originally from Fukuoka, Japan Aki has had a passion specifically for Harley Davidson motorcycles since he was a young man. His desire to work on motorcycles brought him to the U.S. in 1995 and 3 years later he attended and graduated from the Motorcycle Mechanic Institute in the summer of 1999 as a Certified Technician in Harley Davidson, Early and Late Model Rebuild & Performance.
After returning to Fukuoka and having worked in the motorcycle industry for a number of years, Aki’s next goal was to return to the U.S. and work for Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, and he did just that.
Hog Killers was opened in January of 2009 after years of apprenticeship and working under the direction of Jesse James. Here, many opportunities were afforded to Aki, be it fabrication, research & design, many different learning experiences that come with building bikes, which Aki will forever be grateful for. At W.C.C. not only did Aki build custom bikes for clients but he also began to build a client base for himself from customer referrals wanting continued service on bikes either previously owned or the bikes built at the shop. This client base was built on the ‘no bull shit attitude’ that you either love or hate knowing Aki.
Aki has earned respect in the industry as a custom bike builder for his unique designs, detail oriented craftsmanship and awesome paint jobs.
Hog Killers, Inc. has proudly been producing made in the USA parts, accessories and apparel since 2010. Check out our website for more details at

Mark Shell

LVBF16 Mark Shell Photo SMALL

I have been into motorcycles since I was very young. Racing as a kid and always interested in choppers. About thirty years ago I started a steel fabrication company which has led to building custom bikes.

Bonneville customs started in 2006, mostly as an after-hours type shop. Building one off bikes and never sticking to any type or style. Since then things have started to change and Bonneville customs is having a great time going from show to show. Being that all the crew are steel fabricators we tend to build custom one off parts on everything. For now building custom bikes is just plain fun.

Kyle Shorey

LVBF16 Kyle SHorey Logo

Kyle Shorey jumped head first into the motorcycle industry 13 years ago working in the fabrication shop of Strokers Dallas. After a short time with the Strokers crew building high profile customs, Kyle decided it was time to set out on his own to get back to his roots and design and build a more vintage style purely rideable motorcycle. He opened Shadetree fabrication in 2004. Since then Kyles bikes have graced the cover of nearly every industry publication. Kyle is known for his versatility when it comes to style. He builds everything from long thin stretched out choppers to custom softails with a smattering of some of the wildest bikes on the road. 2016 marks the inaugural year of his newest endeavor THE SPEED FOUNDRY OF TEXAS.

Christian Sosa

LVBF16 Cristian Sosa Photo SMALL

My name is Cristian Sosa , Owner and Operator of Sosa Metalworks. I build one-off bikes made entirely by hand. I like to think that my style of building is like a sculpture that goes fast. Each piece on every one of my bikes is designed and sculpted with an organic feel, each one growing out from the one before it, from the center of the bike (the motor) and out. My Instagram is @Sosametalworks feel free to add me. Thank you.

Kirk Taylor

LVBF16 Kirk Taylor Photo
LVBF16 Kirk Taylor Logo Black

Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios has been around Motorcycles his whole life. He grew up in his father’s Machine shop and started working around them in the 70’s helping his dad. He became inspired by the artistic side of custom motorcycles and attended college to study the Arts. This led him to Custom Painting and then to building beautiful works of rolling art.
Kirk had done projects for many legendary musicians and has had his work featured in many magazines as well as a rock documentary and coffee table books. His bikes have received many awards and he is well respected in the custom bike community.
Some of the Bikes he has been known for are; Widowmaker, Blood on Blood, Dirty Boot, Sacred, Veritas, and Project Popo. Although each of Kirks creations are very different, there is an attention to detail that makes his bikes stand out in a crowd.

Andrew Ursich

LVBF16 Andrew Ursich Photo
LVBF16 Andrew Ursich Ursich Customs Logo SMALL

Andrew Ursich is a kustom car/bike builder located in Long Beach, CA. Andrew was introduced to metal fabrication by working for his friend Brian Ferrell. Alongside Brian, Andrew built motocross and skate ramps for major events. A few years later Andrew met kustomizer Gene Winfield and was given an opportunity to learn and work with one of the best. He worked for Gene for a few years where he learned the art of metal shaping and complete kustom car building. Andrew took his car building skills and applied them to his first custom bike build. His first bike has won awards at every show it has been to including Custom Motorcycle D’Elegance at Ink N Iron Motorama 2014. With the success he obtained with his first build it inspired him to keep going. Andrews next build Stardust would lead to even better success winning him many awards including Easy Rider bike of the year 2016 in Ohio. Andrew always brings us something clean and classic with his own flare, mixing chrome, brass and gold to blow us away. This new to the game builder has a lot to offer, we can’t wait to see what he brings us next with his third build he is currently working on. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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