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Cycle Trader – What to Look for When Picking Out Your Next Ride

Whether you’re a new or veteran rider, Las Vegas BikeFest is something to be excited about and is sure to be one of the can’t miss motorcycle events of the year. While you’re checking out hundreds of custom choppers, hogs, street bikes, and so much more, you may find yourself considering a new bike – and we don’t blame you. There’s nothing like buying a new motorcycle, but we also know it’s not always easy – so we’ve got your back. Check out our advice on steps to take and what to look for when choosing your next, or maybe even your first, motorcycle.

  1. 1. Ask yourself what kind of riding you will be doing. It’s crucial to take some time to think about the type of rides you want to take on your new bike. Are you planning on taking long distance trips? Are you looking for speed? Are you looking for a second bike for a specific style of riding? There are a huge variety of bikes on the market, so it’s important to know upfront what you want from your new ride – trust us, it’ll make the process of choosing a bike type a lot easier.
  2. 2. Consider motorcycle type – After you decide what types of rides you’ll be taking, it’s time to consider what type of bike you want to get your hands on. Let’s break down a few of the more common motorcycle options and what they’re typically used for:
  • Cruisers – When most people think of cruisers, Harley-Davidson often comes to mind, and rightfully so. But Harley isn’t the only brand embracing this style, other major manufacturers have cruisers in their lineups as well. Cruisers are designed for laid-back, relaxed riding. They have low seats, often in a reclined position with feet forward riding and are great for long rides.
  • Choppers – Some common characteristics of choppers are extended forks, low reclined seats, and longer front ends. Choppers stand out from the crowd and usually look different from typical factory models. These bikes favor personality over comfort and are usually chromed out and customized.
  • Sport Bikes – Sport Bikes are less focused on comfort – they’re made for speed, acceleration, and thrill. These high-performance motorcycles have higher foot pegs and seating that pushes the rider forward, over the tank.
  • Standard – Standard motorcycles or “naked motorcycles” are known for their upright riding position. Their handlebars and foot pegs are positioned so riders can be comfortable without having to reach too far forward. These bikes have a retro feel and mid-ranged engine sizes. They are perfect for every day commuting, quick trips around town, and they a are great option for beginners.
  • Touring Bikes – A touring bike is for – you guessed it – touring. These bikes are designed for long-distance rides with their big fuel tanks and comfortable seats and backrests. They usually come with built-in windshields and navigation systems.
  1. 3. Determine Your Price Point (New vs. Used)- Another factor to consider when buying a bike is whether you want a new or used bike. It’s important to figure out what your budget when looking at motorcycles, because price points can range from low to very high. If you are on a tighter budget, buying used might be the best option for you, and believe us when we say there are some amazing used bikes out there. Before buying a used motorcycle, you’ll want to make sure you get all the information on the bike’s current condition, any maintenance required, and a full report of the bike’s service records. If you’re working with a flexible budget, there’s nothing like riding off the lot with a brand new ride – plus, these typically come with warranties and maybe even some service perks built in to the purchase price. New or used – there are tons of awesome options out there. But don’t get us wrong, buying new doesn’t always mean the bike is going to be more expensive. A lot of manufacturers are creating bikes at a wide variety of price points so you don’t have to rule out the option of buying new – just keep your budget in mind and go from there. For more information on buying or selling used, check out our in-depth guide here.
  1. 4. Start Your Search – Once you figure out the type of bike you want, it’s a good idea to do some online research for bikes that are for sale near you on Cycle Trader has more bikes for sale than any other site, so it’s a great place to start your search. On the site, you’ll have the option to search by make, model, type, new, or used. If you’re not ready to commit to a specific bike right off the bat, you also have the option to star your favorite bikes and get similar listings sent to you through the site. One of the great things about BikeFest is people are always looking to buy or trade in, and with Cycle Trader, you can easily check and compare differences in price.
  1. 5. Take a Test Drive – Once you’ve found a few top contenders, it’s extremely important to take a test drive. Before paying for a new ride it’s crucial to make sure the bike is perfect for you and your specific riding needs. When you take a test drive, you can determine if you like the bike’s control, style, comfort, weight, etc. While you’re at the dealership it’s also a good idea to take a walk around of the unit to make sure the bike is in the exact condition you expected.

Finding your next ride can feel overwhelming at times with so many options out there. If you follow our five simple tips you’ll be sure to find the perfect ride to fit your needs.

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