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Electrical Information – How much power do I need?

Each vendor will receive one 20amp electrical line in the booth. 

First, review a layout of your booth, noting all of the items in it that require power. Consider lighting, credit card machines, and product. If items plug into a standard wall outlet found in a home, it will require 110/120 volt power. 208 or 480 volt power is generally used for machinery and is ordered by single or 3 phase.

Next, mark the voltage and wattage or amperage (referred to as “load”) (100 watts = 1 amp) of each piece of equipment at its location in the booth. This information should be provided on a name plate or stamp usually located on the back or bottom of the equipment. For lighting, loads are dictated by the wattage of the bulbs.

Finally, total the wattage for the 120 volt devices in each area and select an outlet that meets or exceeds that total. Separate outlets should be ordered for each piece of equipment and/or each power location to help minimize tripping/power outages. It is always safer to slightly overestimate your power requirements. Wattage or amperages cannot be combined for 208 or 480 volt apparatus. Please order separate outlets for each.


How many places will I have to plug in? How many things can I plug in?

For planning purposes, you should always assume that there is only one connection point per outlet ordered. Power strips can provide additional sockets but do not confuse having more places to plug in with additional power. For example – An order is placed for a 5amp (500 watt) outlet. A track light with 4 – 100 watt bulbs is plugged in to a power strip connected to the outlet, using 400 of the 500 watts. Any lighting or equipment now plugged in to a second socket may not exceed 100 watts.

Also, keep in mind that power strips are designed, for safety purposes, to trip at 1500 watts or 15 amps. Using a power strip with a 20amp (2000 watt) outlet will reduce it to a 1500 watt outlet.

All orders exceeding 120 volt/20 amps provide one connection point only, cannot accommodate power strips and require labor for installation.


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